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Pediatric Compounds


If your child struggles with taking medications, our compounding staff has ways to customize the medication to make it into something they may actually want to take. Some pediatric prescription medications are not available in a dosage form suitable for a child’s age, and many medications do not have an appealing taste.

At Salhab Specialty Pharmacy, we understand the importance of giving your child their medication and the challenges that may come with it. Our staff can compound the medication in a varieity of ways to produce an end product that agrees with your child’s tastes, preferred method of administration, and other considerations. Our compounds can be tailored to treat numerous conditions, such as warts, skin conditions, diaper rashes, GERD, oral infections, bacterial infections, cardiovascular conditions, and more.

Our pharmacy offers compounded pediatric medications with:

  • Better taste
  • Different dosage forms
  • Personalized doses
  • Customized ingredients