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At Salhab Specialty Pharmacy, we offer a wide range of compounded formulations that will effectively numb the skin to minimize patient discomfort. Our topical anesthetics can have any concentration of ingredients in combinations that are not commercially available from wholesalers or manufacturers.

Benzocaine/Lidocaine/Tetracaine (BLT) compounds

Our Pharmacists are committed to working closely with physicians and patients to safely and effectively optimize pain relief. Our BLT topical anesthetics can be adjusted based on the patient’s numbing needs. The Chart above gives examples of formulations, but different combinations of active ingredients or strengths can be made available upon request.

Benzocaine Lidocaine Teracaine Form
10% 10% 10% Cream or plasticized
20% 6% 4% Cream or plasticized
20% 8% 2% Cream or plasticized
0% 23% 7% Lipoderm